Easy way for your picnic!

There is no doubt that everyone loves spendingtime with their family or friends. Especially outdoors! And who doesn't like cooking on fresh air?! Juicy brochettes, grilled fish or BBQ shrimps, everybody loves treating their loved ones with that.

It’s not a secret that it’s crucial to get things rightand use a good coal to make sure that everyone is enjoying their time. We will do it for you with our 3 key assets:

All these criteria were constantly considered by the Coconut BBQ Co. Ltd while designing the Smart BBQ - the unique, innovative product which is a great alternative to regular charcoal.

Our advantages

The company's mission is to develop a convenient, fast and environmentally-friendly way of ignition coal for cooking food outdoors. The idea is to use design from bamboo, with coconut coal inside. Coal is manufactured from a coconut shell using special technology at the factory in Thailand. Obvious advantages of a Smart BBQ design are:


When producing our coal, we don’t use any chemicals, preservatives, and other substances that can be harmful for human health or the environment -as the product excludes deforestation.


Buying a Smart BBQ will be a cost-effective solution, since coconut coal burns three times longer than a charcoal, it provides a high-temperature and consistent combustion, enables continuous cooking on fire for more than 4 hours. There is no need to buy additional ignition liquid, as Smart BBQ is an all ready solution for your picnic.


During combustion of Smart BBQ there are no sparks, which also excludes possible ignition of any nearby objects.


Our company is taking it seriously so you don’t have to waste you precious time on preparing coal. Relax and enjoy you time with the family and friends. All you need to do is to establish a set on a brazier, light the wick and in 10-12 minutes you can start cooking. Your hands will stay clean.


Using of Smart BBQ does not require any special liquids for ignition, that means - your food would not get any chemicals, products of combustion, which can spoil the taste and quality of food. Besides, coconut coal does not excrete the tar when burning and does not ignite from the dripping fat, that can provoke hitting carcinogens into food. The wick and ignition in Smart BBQ are made from natural materials.

Whenever you buy a Smart BBQ product you can be confident about the quality of your holiday/family time.

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